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Welcome to Essentials Delivery

We volunteer our time providing free food parcels to those in financial hardship, but also provide cost-priced food/non-food essentials to those facing physical or financial hardship. Every gift that is purchased from us, benefits all of the people who rely on our help.

As an example of how much we do, between 15th March 2020 and 15th September 2020 we successfully provided aid to in excess of 7500+ locals in South Birmingham and Solihull.

Our team consists of 3 people, Stephen Palmer, Sapphire Poles and Emils Fogels, aswell as a bunch of amazing volunteers!

Essentials Delivery was initially started by Stephen and Sapphire on 15th March 2020 when they saw local people on their resident Facebook group were struggling to get basic toiletries and essential food because of shortages caused by various reasons.

We responded by going to our local business only wholesalers, buying them essentials and distributing them at cost-price with 0 profit, and delivering them for free too to those who were elderly, disabled or physically unable to go to the shops.

Following on from then we have now taken Emils onto our team as we become a permanent lifeline in our area and look to expand further afield.